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Auditor's Office Jolanta Gałuszka is registered under number 3088 on the list of entities entitled to audit financial reports run by National Chamber of Statutory Auditors.

Why us?

Outsourcing accounting services will certainly help rapid development of your company. The main advantages of that solution are: cost reduction, higher quality of service, risk minimization and access to a number of information indispensable for appropriate company management. Our clients constantly realize how important it is in the development of every company. We have been trusted by small, medium and large businesses, both national and international companies as well as companies with 100% foreign capital. Therefore, you are welcome to use our services.

The office possesses obligatory third-party insurance.


Auditing financial reports:

  • auditing annual, semi-annual financial reports
  • auditing consolidated financial reports
  • reviewing annual and semi-annual financial reports

Finance and accounting services:

  • running accounting books (ledgers) and tax books
  • supervision over running accounting books
  • accounting consultancy
  • valuation of assets and liabilities
  • preparation of financial reports
  • representation in fiscal institutions and ZUS

Full Personnel and Payroll Service:

  • running full personnel and payroll documentation
  • handling civil and legal contracts: mandatory contracts, contracts for specified tasks, managerial contracts and others 
  • personnel and payroll consultancy
  • preparation of remuneration costs reports
  • preparation of declarations for public institutions (PIT, ZUS, PFRON)
  • preparation of statistical reports



Audit financial statements




Financial and accounting services




The human resources (HR) and payroll service


We have extensive experience in witch you can rely on!


Are you interested in our services? Let's contact with our accountancy office to talk about potential cooperation.Contact data:




ul.Bobrecka 27

43-400 Cieszyn

NIP: 5481324433

Adres e-mail:
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+48 33 851 39 12
+48 602 238 354



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